A Vision and a Medium of Expression
Michael David Stewart, Wake Forest University

I have been working all semester on taking the perfect pictures, creating the right music, and envisioning how to capture the audience in the true meaning of the poem I chose for my project. After much work I feel that I have been able to accurately recreate the mood of the poem through the use of all types of media, including color, motion, sounds, and edited pictures. My experience in digital art and art creation software helped me to bring out exactly the right aspects in my photographs, and I feel the poem definitely benefited from my experience. Although most of my project came together without too much trouble, I believe that the music was the hardest part for me overall. I wanted to capture the sad and serious mood with a background music filled with low bass notes and drones and also to have a foreground music carrying a lighter tune of sad-sounding acoustic guitar notes. To create the background music I used Acid Pro and pieced together ten audio clips matching them up at different points in my poem to provide more emphasis to the words. The most notable part of the background music is when it picks up around the climax of the poem. For the foreground music, I recorded myself playing the guitar. This part was very tough, considering I had only been playing the guitar for two weeks before I made the music. I wanted to capture the higher sad notes on the guitar to make it feel like someone was trying to speak or cry out. I felt that adding both of these musical pieces to my project immensely increased the feel of my creation.

This project stretched me to my limits creatively, and I enjoyed every minute of it. Not only was it fun to learn about new software for creating music and edited photographs, but it was also fun to experiment with all of these new programs to create the exact picture, music, and overall project that I envisioned. I look forward to new experiences in digital art and learning how to express my creativity through many more media later in my college career. I would definitely recommend trying to express one's creativity through the computer, if not just once. Not only does it challenge you to think of how to create what you want, it also stimulates you to envision new ideas based on the technology you have at your fingertips.

About the author...

The author's digital rendition of the poem,"Angel", which was written by a firend, Danielle Leigh Underwood.
Requires Shockwave plugin.

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