A Digital Interpretation of "Charles Carville's Eyes" by Edwin Arlington Robinson
Jay D'Errico, Wake Forest University

I chose the poem "Charles Carville's Eyes" for the imagery I saw in the poem. I thought it would work well as a multimedia piece. I simply used my own face in the photograph because that was all I had to work with. If I were to do it again, I would most surely use someone else's. One of the biggest frustrations of the project was visualizing something that I wanted to do, but not having the technical know-how to create it. Also, I got tired of my poem pretty quickly. There was only so much that I wanted to do with Charles' eyes, but I feel that I conveyed my original thoughts. Sadness and alienation were my two main themes. I wasn't entirely satisfied with the vocal track. I think it would have been better if I had whispered throughout the reading of the poem. Instead I ended up with a sort of schizophrenic mess.

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The author's digital rendition of Edwin Arlington Robinson's "Charles Carville's Eyes." (~4.3 MB)
Requires Shockwave plugin.

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